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Laser cataract surgery offers an extra layer of precision and safety over traditional cataract surgery. The laser pre-softens the lens which allows for quicker removal using less energy. The laser also makes the incisions in the cornea, instead of manually, to correct astigmatism.


ORA stands for intraoperative abberometry. This device is… able to measure the eye real time in surgery to determine the proper implant power and astigmatism correction. This is essential for doing surgery after having LASIK or RK surgery. The ORA is also an invaluable tool when using special implants for astigmatism correction.


The ability to correct astigmatism (which simply means an eye that is not perfectly round) has been a huge leap for cataract surgery. If astigmatism is not corrected, the patient would be required to wear glasses all the time after surgery. An optician wouldn’t dream of making glasses without correcting astigmatism. Now cataract surgery can correct astigmatism too.


In standard cataract surgery it is often necessary to wear reading glasses after surgery. Even if no glasses are required for distance. A multifocal implant allows for BOTH distance and near vision to be corrected at the time of surgery. Imagine being glasses free for most tasks after cataract surgery!!