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With the Intralase laser, Dr.Shanbom, is able to make a smaller and more precise incision into the cornea than available in standard LASIK. This advanced technology puts unprecedented control in the surgeon’s hands, and even allows him to customize the corneal flap for every individual patient. This advanced form of LASIK eye surgery uses two separate lasers — a femtosecond laser for the first step of the procedure (creating the corneal flap) and, after the flap is created, the cornea is shaped just as it is in standard LASIK, with a “cool” far-ultraviolet laser, the excimer laser. The femtosecond laser uses pulses of invisible light energy that allows Dr. Shanbom to create consistent, ultra thin corneal flaps with exacting precision and accuracy at the micron level. These flaps provide a greater margin of safety in part because they are often half as thick as flaps produced by a mechanical microkeratome. It also allows patients who were previously considered poor candidates for LASIK to have their vision improved surgically.

Besides being much safer, the IntraLase laser is more accurate (up to 100 times more precise) and patients are more likely to achieve vision that 20/20 or better. The risk of experiencing dry eyes is also decreased with the use of the IntraLase laser.

To learn more about IntraLase or bladeless LASIK, contact us at Shanbom Eye Specialist to schedule a free LASIK consultation. You may also visit our website at www.shanbomeyespecialist.com