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Chances are if you are a glasses or contact wearer, there’s been a point where you have considered LASIK but you might find yourself scared of getting eye surgery. We wouldn’t blame you considering research can often be confusing. It can be difficult to understand the differences between types of LASIK and the technology used. At Shanbom Eye Specialists, we perform All-Laser Custom LASIK Surgery. 

What is this? Here’s everything you need to know: 

All-Laser Custom LASIK refers to LASIK surgery that is performed without the use of blades and is completely tailored to each patient’s eyes. Instead of using a blade to create a corneal flap, a femtosecond laser (blade-free) is used creating the corneal flap within seconds! 

Believe it or not, this isn’t even the best part. Since this is a custom procedure, a detailed image of the surface of your eye will be taken pre-surgery. This allows precise mapping for adjustments, giving you optimum results. 

The LASIK Procedure:

LASIK surgery can best be described in these simple three steps:

  1. Consultation – During this time, your surgeon will create a detailed map of your cornea. This gives them information on exactly how to reshape the cornea. WaveLight® technology makes the surgery more precise and outcomes more predictable.
  2. Corneal Flap – Your LASIK surgeon at Shanbom will use the femtosecond laser to create a thin, circular, hinged flap on the surface of the cornea. This flap will be peeled back to expose the inner layer of the cornea for treatment.
  3. Treatment – This is done using an excimer laser. The excimer laser is computer programmed with the map of your cornea and knows exactly where to treat. The excimer laser will remove microscopic amounts of corneal tissue in order to reshape the eye.

So, Do You Need LASIK?

LASIK is a popular vision corrective surgery- including people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have an astigmatism. 

Like mentioned earlier, it reshapes the cornea, allowing light to properly focus on the retina, located in the back of your eye. 

However, it is difficult to judge whether or not you are capable of being a candidate for All-Laser Custom LASIK without a consultation. Luckily we are open and are here to answer any questions you may have. You can also take our at-home self test here. 

No matter what you decide, give us a call at (248) 546- 2133 or visit our website at https://www.shanbomeye.com/lasik-detroit/ to discuss all your options, or to book an appointment today!