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Over the years, people have been hesitant to consider LASIK options, as well as other corrective eye surgeries such as cataract surgery to fix vision problems. However, with the ever-increasing medical improvements, outside research, and promised COVID safety, people are starting to enter their ophthalmologist offices again. 

In order to save you some time (and worries) we wanted to outline and highlight everything you need to know about eye surgeries this year: 

All Laser LASIK:

All laser custom LASIK refers to LASIK surgery that is performed without the use of blades and is completely tailored to each patient’s eyes. Before your all laser custom procedure, your surgeon will take a detailed image of the surface of your eye, mapping out where adjustments need to be made for optimal results. 

The procedure itself can be laid out in three simple steps: Consultation – map of your eye; Create the Corneal Flap (without a blade); Laser Treatment. Contrary to popular belief, All Laser LASIK is often considered to be one of the “safest, most effective procedures that’s ever existed in ophthalmology.” 

It has also been proven that LASIK is completely safe, even during COVID. However, LASIK is not the only eye care procedure offered at Shanbom Eye Specialist that is gaining attention.

Premium Cataract Surgery: 

At Shanbom Eye Specialist, we specialize in using premium implants to correct astigmatism and reading vision during cataract surgery. 

We offer a wide variety of premium intraocular lens options. An IOL will replace the cataract-affected lens after the cataract is removed. An IOL will allow you to see clearly again. 

Laser cataract surgery is the most advanced method of removing cataracts. Laser-assisted cataract surgery requires no blade. Before the surgery, your surgeon will create a detailed surgical plan by mapping out the cornea. 

The laser helps soften the cataract and makes it easier to remove. This requires less ultrasonic energy and reduces the risk of complication. Once the cataract is out, your surgeon will manually insert the new IOL through the incision. This happens the same in both procedures.

Shanbom Eye Specialist proudly offers these IOL options: 

  1. AcrySof® IQ Toric IOL AcrySof® IQ Toric 

Used for treating astigmatisms.

  1. TECNIS® Symfony Extended Depth of Field 

  Helps reduce the effects of presbyopia and provides clear vision at all distances.

  1. TECNIS® Multifocal IOL

Offers advanced image quality at all distances, even in low light situations.

Whatever your eye care needs might be, Dr. Shanbom is the PERFECT option. He has 25 years of experience, and is an eye surgery patient himself. Have additional questions? Give him a call!