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Do you or someone you know struggle with poor vision due to cataracts but are unclear about your options? Do not worry, you are not alone.

Cataracts have a tremendous affect on the United States public yet our education surrounding the subject seems to be lacking. Cataracts aren’t going away anytime soon; in fact they are still very much a growing issue. From 2000-2010 the number of cases in the United States grew from 20.5 to 24.4 million.

By 2050, the National Eye Institute projects cataract cases to jump to 50 million. The only way to combat cataracts effectively is with surgery. Shanbom Eye Specialist has the experience, knowledge, and technology to help you create a plan to treat your cataracts. Advanced laser assisted cataract surgery comes with a high level of precision. With the addition of premium implant technology, your cataract surgery not only removes the cloudiness and glare, but we can also reduce or eliminate your need for glasses or contacts.

Shanbom Eye Specialist offers a wide variety of premium intraocular lens (IOL) options. An IOL will replace the cataract-affected lens after the cataract is removed. An IOL will allow you to see clearly again, and even correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. IOLs offered here at Shanbom Eye Specialist include:

  • TECNIS Symfony and Symfony Toric
  • TECNIS Multifocal
  • AcrySof IQ Toric
  • Alcon PanOptix Trifocal

To learn more about what these lenses and what they can do for you, click here.

As always, if you have a question concerning your eyesight, please give us a call!