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Systemic Diseases and Your Eyes

Systemic diseases are disease that involve many organs or the whole body. Many of these diseases also affect the eyes. In fact, an eye exam sometimes leads to the first diagnosis of a systemic disease. Being that the eye is composed of many different types of tissue, this makes the eye susceptible to many varieties… Read More

All-Laser LASIK

With the Intralase laser, Dr.Shanbom, is able to make a smaller and more precise incision into the cornea than available in standard LASIK. This advanced technology puts unprecedented control in the surgeon’s hands, and even allows him to customize the corneal flap for every individual patient. This advanced form of LASIK eye surgery uses two… Read More

Senior Vision and Driving

By 2030 it is anticipated that one in four drivers will be age 65 or older. Because people now in their 50s and older will likely maintain active lifestyles during the next few decades, that means a record number of senior drivers will be on roadways in the years ahead. Many older adults report that… Read More

Get Your Best Vision by Far (and Near)!

In recent years there has been an explosion in lens implant technology which allows the doctor to select a lens customized to each individual’s lifestyle, hobbies, and visual demands so that excellent vision without glasses is achievable for all visual tasks; distance, intermediate, and near. Dr. Shanbom is one of the premier eye surgeons in… Read More

What’s new in cataract surgery

LASER CATARACT SURGERY Laser cataract surgery offers an extra layer of precision and safety over traditional cataract surgery. The laser pre-softens the lens which allows for quicker removal using less energy. The laser also makes the incisions in the cornea, instead of manually, to correct astigmatism. ORA ORA stands for intraoperative abberometry. This device is…… Read More


Most of you can put your hand down now. Even though many people think their surgery was done with a laser, the laser technique has only been available for a little over a year. The prevailing technique over the past decades has been phacoemulsification which uses ultrasound to remove the cataract. This method evolved to… Read More