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Healthy Aging Month: How to Keep Your Eyes In Top Shape All Year Long

September marks healthy aging month, and what better way to care for your health than to keep your eyes healthy as you age? Our eyes are one of our most powerful senses and protecting them is of our utmost importance and care at Shanbom Eye Specialists.  Odds are you, or someone you love, is in… Read More


Chances are if you are a glasses or contact wearer, there’s been a point where you have considered LASIK but you might find yourself scared of getting eye surgery. We wouldn’t blame you considering research can often be confusing. It can be difficult to understand the differences between types of LASIK and the technology used…. Read More

Never Wear Glasses Again

Are you tired of your daily contact routine? Do your glasses seem to keep getting in the way? Has it been years of bad vision or repetitive doctor’s appointments? Maybe, it’s cataracts?  If you want the option to never wear glasses or contacts again, let’s talk about your options.   LASIK surgery, as defined by the… Read More

What to Expect From Your Next Eye Exam

For many of us, the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted our ability to have routine medical appointments. Now that our office is slowly reopening, it’s important to not put off routine eye exams because it’s much easier to treat vision issues early. We’re working hard to ensure your health and safety in accordance with CDC and… Read More

Dr. Shanbom on Health.com

What’s that Itch? If your eyes are red and watery as well as itchy, you can probably blame allergic conjunctivitis—a reaction to irritants like mold, dust, pet dander, or pollen. The symptoms can wax and wane, says Michigan-based ophthalmologist Steven Shanbom, MD. When they crop up, get away from the trigger if possible, and use… Read More