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Here at Shanbom Eye Specialists, we believe in offering the best cataract surgery technology on the market. We use the LENSAR® Laser System to perform our laser-assisted cataract surgeries. We use this system because it is the only femtosecond laser designed from the ground up for use during cataract surgery. The LENSAR® Laser System allows cataract surgeons to deliver precise, predictable and extremely effective results – every time!

LENSAR Laser Cataract Technology

Our LENSAR® Laser System features Streamline III enhancements, which allows us to better treat cataracts with a growing list of innovations. It allows us to treat astigmatism more effectively during cataract surgery.

ORA Technology

Another kind of technology used during laser-assisted cataract surgery at Shanbom is the ORA™ System. This allows us to continuously assess your eyes during surgery and assist with proper IOL alignment. With the ORA™ System, we can constantly assess and make any necessary adjustments during the surgery. This means you get the best possible outcomes.

ORA Machine Example