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My eye Optometrist highly recommended Dr. Shanbom to me. He told me that Dr. Shanbom was the best eye specialist in the business. When I met Dr. Shanbom I was impressed as he is calm, confident, and a nice man; a total professional. I selected the highest level of lenses for my cataract surgery and Dr. Shanbom completed the surgery. I can see now 20/20 long distance and I can read also small print with no glasses. In addition to Dr. Shanbom, the entire office is extremely professional. I would recommend Dr. Shanbom and his office to everyone I know. I give Dr. Shanbom 5 out of 5 stars.


Could not be happier with my cataract surgery and multifocal lens implant. I now see 20/20.


I love THIS place…Dr. Shanbom & staff (Mandy, Valerie, Tiffany – just to name a few). Had my right lens implant done 7/2012 – and for my left 8/2015. No problems..no issues. Relocating to GA soon BUT will return ‘home’ (to MI/Dr. Shanbom) to have my final laser tx done. TY, Dr. Shanbom


Just had cataract surgery October 12, 2015, could not be happier. Excellent care from beginning to end! My husband and I came from the East side, so glad we did! This, from the recommendation of my husband who had his done first, and felt the same way.


I agree with the previous review…..couldn’t be happier with my 20/20 vision after my cataract surgery. I also have the multifocal lenses….no more glasses! Dr. Shanbom and his staff are great. I highly recommend!


Had cataract surgery in August. I had mono-vision per my request. I did not want to rely on reading glasses. In consultation, Dr. Shanbom felt it would work well for me. The surgery went very well, and I do not need reading glasses!

-Judy Berger

Had cataracts removed from both of my eyes with no complications. The doctor and each and every one of the staff was professional and very helpful and informative. Thank you all for such excellent care and I now have 20/20 vision without wearing glasses.


In May I had cataract surgery at Shanbom eye clinic. I was referred by a family member so I expected great things and that is what I got. The staff was wonderful, especially Randy in surgery, and Dr. Shanbom is wonderful. He explained everything he was going to do so I knew what to expect. Tomorrow is my last post surgery check and I am ready for the summer. My vision is great. Colors are bright and everything is crystal clear. Thank you soooo much to Dr. Shanbom.


I am very thankful to have found Dr. Shanbom. An optometrist suggested that I see him to watch my cataracts 7 years ago. She told me he is conservative. That sold me. He & his staff have been the best. I had one appt per year. He knew I was ready this year. The surgeries went easily for me. He told me what he was doing step by step, which was very comforting. His staff are all so kind & professional. I now have 20-20 distance vision in both eyes, with no effort on my part. What a joy to see clearly!! I thank Dr. Shanbom!


Recently had cataract surgery on both eyes with Dr. Shanbom with outstanding results. Vision In each eye the day after surgery was 20/20. I opted for the multifocal ocular lenses and couldn’t be more pleased. My vision is perfect; close up, mid-range and distance! I can’t ever remember seeing with such visual acuity!

Dr. Shanbom and his staff are very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. The surgical procedure was quick and painless.

Loved my experience with Dr. Shanbom and LOVE my perfect vision!


48 hrs after Dr. Murad completed my CustomVue Lasik and I feel great. What a wonderful experience. No pain and even through the haze, I can see clearly for the first time in my life. I cannot recommend Dr. Murad enough. THANK YOU for the bottom of my heart for your professionalism, skills as a doctor and your compassion dealing with my neurosis regarding the procedure.


I can’t thank Dr. Shanbom and his staff enough for giving me back my eyesight. The experience was amazing. Dr. Shanbom and his staff were professional, caring and very kind. They put me at ease throughout the whole process. I am truly grateful and happy I chose the right doctor to go to.


Cataract surgery with Dr. Shanbom at my age 71 was so much easier than I expected! It was quick, painless, and recovery was easy–only tiredness on the day of surgery. He sets a very high standard of professionalism and his entire staff follows that example. I recommend him highly!


At 53 I had cataracts removed and 2 days before the surgery decided to get multifocal lenses. It has been the best decision I have ever made, it is absolutely life-changing. Had my first eye done 2 weeks ago and the other done yesterday. No pain involved what so ever and my terrible vision is now perfect. Dr. Shanbom is the best. I just can not get over the vivid colors and clarity I now have. I haven’t seen this well in 15 years. Love my new eyes!!


I have had a great experience with Dr. Shanbom and his staff. Just had followup from second eye today. Friendly, professional, timely, caring and attentive. Good experience all the way around at this point. Not only great medical care but great customer care as well.


I truly feel my experience at Dr. Shanbom’s Clinic was a very positive one. Everyone, Dr. Shanbom, his staff, and the surgical team were really awesome and made my surgery actually comfortable. I am, however, disappointed with my Mono-vision Toric Lenses which I paid extra for. I was sold them with the understanding that I would quite probably never have to wear glasses. At my final post-op appointment this morning I find out that I have two far-sighted lenses and now need a boat-load of reading glasses to depend on. I guess I have no recourse, except to tell you do not pay extra for the “fancy” probability promises.


Dr. Shanbom and his staff are phenomenal! I received excellent pre- and post-op care. The surgery is painless! Dr. Shanbom is caring and professional. I highly recommend this practice for eye care.


Dr. Shanbom is a miracle worker! I never dreamed I could see this well again. I am 80 years old and I think I can see as well now after my cataract surgery as I could at age 30! The procedure is painless and the nurses etc. are great! Thank you Dr.Shanbom. and everyone at the Shanbom Clinic.


My life has been completely changed for the better because Dr. Shanbom performed Lasik cataract surgery on both my eyes and implanted monovision lenses. The doctor and his staff are very professional and went out of their way to relieve my anxiety and make me comfortable. After wearing thick heavy glasses since I was five years old, I can now drive and read without glasses. “Thank you Dr. Shanbom” just doesn’t seem enough!


Dr. Shanbom and his amazing team offer a professional, yet friendly atmosphere for eye care services. I’m glad that I found them on Woodward Ave. in Berkley.

Thank you!


Dr. Shanbom and his staff are very professional and friendly my eyesight is required for my trade and the great Doctor not only made my life better but saved my job.

Thank you so much,



I have worn glasses since O was 12 years old. I had cataract surgery in both eyes by Dr. Shanbom with multifocal implants. I no longer need glasses of any kind, not even reading glasses! It is like a miracle! I have never driven a car until now, without glasses.


Words cannot adequately express the joy and excitement I feel after having my vision restored by cataract surgeon, Dr. Shanbom. A simple “thank you” seems too small in comparison, to the true gratitude and thoughtfulness that lingers in my heart towards you and your eye care staff. This experience is more than a blessing to me – it is a miracle!


I am so thrilled with my surgery. I see better than I ever did before with glasses or contact lenses. Dr. Shanbom knew I would be a difficult case but he still took me on as a patient and did an awesome job!


My experience with Dr. Shanbom and Shanbom Eye Specialist has been a very positive one. It has been extremely helpful in both my electrology and permanent makeup careers. Prior to surgery, I needed to put my heavy-duty magnifiers on to see where I needed to work. It’s also great being able to read my watch when I wake up in the morning. It has been a definite improvement in my life and I highly recommend it.


I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all how wonderful life has been since my Lasik surgery. The day after my surgery, I drove to work! There was no pain and the discomfort was alleviated with eye drops. After suffering through dirty contacts and ill-fitting glasses, putting in eye drops was nothing! I tell everyone about my surgery and how pleased I am. Thanks again and keep up the good work!